Emerson and the brazilian Philosophy




Emerson can be an example for us brasilians if we can to build brazilian philosophy. Why we don’nt have a brazilian philosophy and a country like us,US ,without cultural tradition, have?
In my opinion the american pragmatism and utilitarism since independence are the basis of the thinkig in US
When a country developes originality in arts is because has ,in many times,conditions for it,but if these conditions are not presents it’s necessary to do originality by the work and industry. The industry in US is of theirs. They have the the think beside all inventions and realizations.
Our industry in brazil is modern but is not ours.
We are expression of the other countries,includes US.
So is very dificult have a philosopher like Emerson. However is a philosopher like him that could give us the basis for our philosophy, because our work, pragmatism, could be modified or oriented by him.
Its evident that we can’ nt copy US but our social and cultural basis stays in work and industry the only imediate ways to get originality.
Get a great knowledge is a way,but get the basis a original knowledge is the imediate way and this is to give to all brazilian people scientific knowledge.with this a natural philosophy (and art)will born,like happenned with Emerson.Emerson has created a philosophy of Effort.In Brazil, in the beggining will be like US ,but after, this first experience,something new will appear.


EL Paradigma de Descartes sobre la naturaleza




El paradigma cartesiano sobre la naturaleza ha cambiado mucho en los últimos años,notadamente en el siglo veinte,porque se ha percebido(?a tempo?)um error que ha cometido el humanismo classico.Sin embargo de tener reconocido que él hombre pertenecia a la naturaleza él mismo se colocó como el suyo unico demiurgo,el unico modelo de ella.

Yo pido que me perdonen,pero no creo que los genios lo son el tiempo todo e yo quiero contarles una istoria de Leonardo Da Vinci,que,para mi,muestra las limitaciones humanas eventuales,mismo de los genios.

Acuando Leonardo estaba prestes a murir se ha preguntado a él como venia el hombre,al que él teria dicho:” El hombre es el modelo del mundo”.Una frásis que expressa este concepto de demiurgia.

Com base en esta charla,yo deseo mostrales como los genios,no raro,erram también.

Acuando Leonardo intentó hacer la suya ” maquina voladora” no fué en si mismo que buscó los elementos para construirla,pero compró aves en el mercado e estudió su vuelo.

Esto muestra que la relación con la naturaleza obedece a una relación dialética,que pone las cosas en su debido lugar e el hombre(como los genios)numa mejor posición de humildad,fundada en la realidad de que la naturaleza es el modelo previo del hombre,lo precedendo.

Por la dialetica el hombre sintetiza esta relación entre la investigacióne el objeto de estudio,por la racionalidad,pero la racionalidad no es independiente de la naturaleza.

Consciousness and subjectivity

We can talk about a measure of consciousness or subjectivity? The two things are equal? Subjectivity is the relationship with the world, but awareness is also not the right way? Subtly not.
The consciousness appropriates the world meanings that, but subjectivity is the awareness of how to relate these meanings.
The moment of awareness, the child, the thing is, differs objectively in the world, making it objectively, subjectivity, but there is still that percorerer a huge way to full subjectivity, then rather an interconnection required between experience, not pre-given, are (let’s leave aside the dialectic) a dialogue with the world, understood the out-of-itself and in itself, which at first is not conducted necessarily the child although she pounces increasingly.

Anyway are the empirical elements that are the basis for the analysis of the evolution of subjectivity that gives alone suffering the influence of the environment, inclsuive social, family or not.

I say alone because no influence children receive there is a decision element, albeit that the most passive possible.

The most decisive element is the moment in which the child realizes the complexity of the real, but even so it is part of being a child not to understand everything. But what is to understand everything?

The revolutionary and the change

The large internal psychological problem of every revolutionary It is that it is dominated by the need to change.
This makes him a being paradoxical.
while he want to build something new, It has to be something new, an old society, rejected by him.
A sacrifice like that of every priest and the “solution” is always alone even.
Content for a revolutionary who has the foundation of dialectics this is a problem and a contradiction.
it can be said, as Christ, his death makes a whole being?

The revolutionary

While the revolutionary binds to a collective cause he is a solitary figure, who, on behalf of this cause must be ready to self sacrifice .Supposedly Marxist revolutionary, based on a scientific conception, dialectic, should resolve this apparent contradiction, because he would know what are the conditions to make a revolution to reach its scope.
However it is not what you see in the communist revolutionaries who always fall a voluntarist individualism.
This would be lack of dialectical understanding of things?Also, but this seems to be the fate of all revoluciona’rio that is not based on real.
Is the Guevara dilemma before he went to live in Bolivia left a letter for the children saying that no one alone is nothing, but he was alone and so died .There was purpose in his death?

Certainly the death of Guevara marks the humanity, but it is debatable whether in the sense that Marxism wanted.

The passion of Hitler

What I meant a further article is that the book of Hitler, if not future political events would not matter none.Hitler had some non-academic culture, it is true, but it was not a writer.
Mein Kampf is a soliloquy, a monologue interspersed sometimes text coherent.Em certain times, on topics that he learned the right of esotericism of the nineteenth century he starts talking to himself, and the reader that follow.
Do an exegesis, hermeneutics, of any book is only valid when this book has a professional value for yourself or when, in fact, it has possibilities, identifiable potential after true and conscientious analysis.
The books of Aristotle or Plato, the great questions posed by the Bible, but the book of Hitler, as is being discussed in Germany, reveals, as I said an intention to recovery as if the suffering of Hitler’s passion for Hitler, was more important than that of the people he played in the oven.
I do not know because it has become a nostalgia of Hitler.The fact the philosopher Max Scheler say forget Nazism is guilty, it does not mean that we should reduce all will figure Hitler.the social and political phenomenon is more complex.

The revolutionary

Of course the revolutionary figure in the political sense of the term begins with the first modern revolutions, the English revolutions of 1640 and 1688.
Perhaps the Puritans were the first revolutionary history, but self-denial mentality for a cause began with the Crusaders.
The characteristics of modern revolutionaries were already present in Crusaders.
What can be considered as revolutionary attitude begins in the eighteenth century after the war of thirty years when he begins to gestate a view of humanity that is very represented in Voltaire’s story “Candide or Optimism”.
But it is logical that the modern revolutionary began with the French. The Puritans made revolutionary changes but were not professional. The French were? It is debatable, but they had a general human goal, which became one of the most important features of the revolutionary and his psychology to the present day.
Even though being a bourgeois revolutionary he already has a plan for humanity: the rights of man and citizen.
From then until 1989, the revolutionary figure only grows

What means possibility?

Possibility means many things. know what is right and what is wrong; understand that the world stands on its own.
When the subject sees things for themselves, as they are already entered into the world, the subject of condition or at least subject condition of progress in this regard of the world stands on its own.Not consciously is an object, but in fact one, separate from himself.
The child “customize objects,” including the droppings of the body and is growing condition and self-training as a subject to overcome this.